Everything You Need to Know About Day 50!

All the important bits about DAY 50, something special to celebrate The Abstract Challenge and all of your support.

If you follow Sophie on Instagram you’ll have noticed her post everyday at 8pm, releasing a brand new abstract piece to sell. These pieces are A3 and come in a white frame for £400, not including delivery and the first person to comment purchases it. For UK delivery we charge £15 and for international it is £45. Every night there is an average of around 20 people refreshing their feeds ready to try and get the first comment! This makes it really difficult for you guys to get your hands on a Sophie Tea Art piece. That’s about to change…

DAY 50.jpeg

Sophie wants everyone to get a piece of art they love so she came up with DAY 50. The challenge is for 100 days but this evening, she will be releasing 50 abstracts. All the products are set as a deposit of £100 to secure your abstract. You will then be contacted to confirm whether you would like to pay the remainder in full* or in 3 monthly instalments*. We want to make art affordable for everyone, one abstract at a time.

*plus delivery

As you all know, Sophie has recently closed requests for commissions. This is because she has always wanted to create art that people love and want to buy outright.

Sophie said two years ago ’I’d like people to trust the way I’m going and when I break boundaries and do something weird, that they’ll trust the process and buy off the fact that I’m a proper artist.

Fast forward to 2019 and that’s exactly what people are doing. For this reason we have 30 abstracts which you can choose from, as well as 20 ‘Surprise Me’s. How much do you trust the process?

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