The Manchester Bee

Heyyy everyone! 

As you may already know I am giving-away my painting of 'The Manchester Bee'.  After the attacks at the Ariana Grande concert in my home city on Monday night, I felt the need to help raise money for those affected.

SO, with solid two days of painting under my belt, I'm proud to say I FINALLY finished! Here it is....

To be in with a chance to win the painting, just click the 'donate' button and it will take you straight to my Just Giving page. If you make a contribution BIG OR SMALL, you will be entered! A donator will be selected at random. All you need to do is give what you can spare.

I started life as an artist at home in Manchester. My goal was always to become big enough that one day I can finally make a difference to a cause close to my heart. This is the day.  

The Manchester Bee Sophie Tea Art

I have JUST put limited edition prints of The Manchester Bee, 50% of the profits will be donated to The Red Cross.

So far we have already raised a HUGE ยฃ1,700 for the cause, so thank you sooo much to everyone that has contributed. My target is ยฃ3,000, even if you can only afford 50p, every little helps so please please donate.

Love Sophie xxx