Sophie Tea X South Place Hotel

As some of you may know I have just arrived home from a 14 week art-adventure around California/Bali/Australia/Mexico. I landed in London exactly 6 days before my big art exhibition; straight back in the thick of it!

Sophie Tea Art

2 days before the exhibition I had an email from Lisa (girl-boss and now, good friend). She works at South Place Hotel, part of the larger, D&D group. Lisa is killing it and looks after their PR. I was asked to be their mural artist for the Blossom City campaign. This campaign is for Lady Garden Charity founded by Cara Delevigne in aid of the Gynae Cancer Fund; a great cause! SO, despite my impending exhibition, OBV I said yes because some things are just too good to turn down.

Blossom City Sophie Tea

SO, having had 4 hours sleep and a full morning of show preparation under my belt, I arrived at Moorgate at 3pm to begin my flower paintings.

Sophie Tea Blossom City Flower Mural

I was quite worried because 1) I had never painted a flower in my life 2) South Place Hotel is legit one of the swankiest spaces I’ve ever seen!

Sophie Tea Art Blossom City South Place Hotel
FullSizeRender 2.jpg

 LUCKILY I performed under pressure and was treated to some bubbles once completed because they liked it (LITERALLY thank god).  I want to thank the team for choosing, trusting and feeding me. I really enjoyed stepping outside my comfort zone to paint something new!

Sophie Tea Art Blossom City

SO looking forward to working with these guys in the future.

Love Sophie x

The Blossom City campaign is running for the next 2 months in South Place Hotel. If you’re ever in Moorgate and want to drink, dine or sleep go and check it out; it’s pretty cool!