❄️ASPEN❄️ How The Other Half Live

Well, well, well!!!! I’m currently sat in Aspen airport reflecting on what a banging start to 2019 I’ve just had!

I don’t think I’ve been to a more elitist but insane place in my life. $27 for a glass of champers, kids in Gucci…

ACTUALLY, let me paint you a better picture. We sat down to eat in a steak restaurant, the Golden Globes were on in the background… a lady shouts ‘Go Alfonso!!!!!!!’ Her mate had just won Best Director. Casual.

Aspen life was a bit of a shock to the system as I’ve had some VERY different snow experiences in the past…


But I guess I still did manage to get some pics with no clothes on lolz


The 3 trip highlights for me were:

1) Seeing my man (always)


2) Checking out the Aspen art scene. I saw NEXT level pieces, one was $95K. I absolutely love seeing people that are better than me coz it just makes me wanna beat them!! Especially when I see the work in a snobby gallery who’s manager only spoke to Will. Game on Mr Gallery man!! I’ll continue to make all my sales on insta, keep 100% of the money and pass on the savings to my customers. **MASSIVE congrats on representing some amazing artists tho


3) Getting inspired by the colours and the natural beauty! Here’s a compilation of snaps I will draw inspo from in my abstract work. I CAN NOT WAIT to get back to my studio and start 💎💎 I’ll be home in 15 hours and going straight to paint!


Peace out from now one of my fave places on earth! Back to the grind now soooo the next time I fly in, I’m not nearly sick about the lift pass and ski hire prices!!! ANDDDDD, it might be nice to buy a £3K bottle of house champers at Apres just for the lolz!


BYEEEEW FROM YA ART GAL! See ya on the other side! ✈️


Sophie xxxxx