Recruiting Interns For Summer 2018!


Hey everyone!

It's that time of year again! We have loads going on in the studio and lots to look forward over the summer months.

We are hiring some interns to come and join the team and get involved behind the scenes. 



1. Fine Art Intern -

  • Help with the creative vision and ideas for new art projects.

  • Assist in preparing materials.

  • Wrapping, packing and handling art work for shows.

Great opportunity for art students/graduates to understand the tailored process of getting art from studio to show. Will be good exposure into the working life of an artist as well as potential to make some contacts.  

Would be ideal if candidate has an art degree or creative background so we know you're cut out for the role.. BUT if you're familiar with Sophie's story you know that she doesn't, SO if you think you are capable, GO ahead and apply! 


2. Events Intern -

  • Help with the preparation for upcoming shows and exhibitions.

  • Design input for stands and displaying art.

  • Be present at the shows and talk to potential customers about the work available and their buying options.

A real 'get your hands dirty' role! For me this is the most exciting part of the whole production, because it's all GO GO GO and it's about getting the work out there and where it all pays off. 

This role will be great exposure too into the working life of an artist and the potential to be introduced to some valuable contacts.

Candidate must be organised, and a 'get shit done' kind of person. 

3. Media Intern -

  • Content curation for social media - (implementing idea's for b/vlogs)

  • Create visual masterpieces to improve Sophie's feed

  • Design newsletter campaigns

Since social media is the most important feature that allows Sophie to move forwards in her career, this is the most valuable role with the biggest reward if done right.

Must be proficient in Adobe software and preferred to have understanding of SEO and analytics.  


It's important for us to have hard working individuals that help support the team, invest their time and share the vision.

It is essential that for each of the positions you are able to come into the studio for at least one day a week then (potentially) more frequently as we approach some big dates. Also essential for the events role and preferable for the others, that you can be present during the upcoming shows.

(10-13 May 2018 - 19-24 June 2018 House & Garden 24-27 August 2018)

How to Apply


Send an email to STUDIO@SOPHIETEAART.COM and make the subject your name and the position. 

1) Attach CV

2) Explain what makes you the best person for your chosen role

3) Describe
a) What do you want out of the experience personally
b) What you would like to achieve for Sophie Tea Art (be specific).

4) Include a Y/N to following (these are not essential but useful to know, so be honest!)
a) Do you own a laptop that you can bring into the studio to work on? 
b) Are you based in London? (and where)
c) Can you use Adobe software? (specify which and beginner/inter./adv.)

*These roles are not exhaustive and you may be needed for other tasks as and when they crop up. This internship is unpaid but includes great perks inc. parties and lots of food and gifts!