Interview With An Intern


Lizzie started interning at the studio in November as a photographer. With summer round the corner and new interns joining us we thought it would be a good idea to ask Lizzie about her experience.


Hey Lizzie!


Tell us about yourself? 
I currently am in my second year of Studying BA Photography at Camberwell College of Arts. My course is under an umbrella of fine art which means I have the freedom to deplore all aspects of both fine art practices as well as straight forward photography. My current project at uni revolves around materials and processes of abstract paintings, I am interested in the way different mediums interact with each other naturally to create a composition.

How did you get involved?
I had been following Sophie’s Instagram for a while before we were in touch and always thought she was such an inspiration. As soon as I knew she was looking for interns to help her out with the media side of her work I instantly messaged her inquiring about the role and whether this would be something I could do. Her colourful scheme and character was something I knew I would enjoy photographing.


What role do you play in Sophie’s art career?
A typical day in which I work with Sophie is compiled of us creating new and diverse photographs together than she can post on her Instagram to promote her work and life. I set up shots and compositions around her studio that I think will best showcase her work while also showing a creative perspective. The day is fun, casual and always successful.

How has Sophie helped me?
Sophie has helped me gain an insight into the industry and the business side of being an artist who mainly relies on themselves and helped me gain experience of working directly with an artist and helping her reach the visions she wants achieving. This internship has been such an insight and has aided me in the way I think about my future , while I graduate in a year it is something that is coming round fast and I need to push for my goals.


What's in store for the future?
The ideal job of my dreams would include: travelling, photography and art. However to combine these together is something I am struggling to comprehend at the moment, I’m hoping the experience from the internship will help me to gather the knowledge in how to do this. 


Follow Lizzie on instagram @theartsylens23