What Can You Do To Help Our Planet? - WWF UK Head Office Tour

You guys might remember when Sophie Tea Art were official supporters of WWF UK for the ‘Extinction’ show, if ya missed it (not sure how if ya did) then read all about it here.

If you can’t be bothered then in short we raised a total of £2,500 from auctioning off three of Sophie’s art works on the night of her last ever animal show. The pieces included a standard framed print, a hand finished framed print and an original Rhino painting.

We were so proud to work with such an amazing charity and they kindly invited us to come to Woking and visit one of the greenest buildings in the world and we were NOT disappointed!

We learnt so much about how to take small steps and help our planet. The most interesting thing of all was how important climate change is and how seriously we should be taking it. Basically everything else they do becomes pointless if our planet doesn’t exist! They work very closely with the ICC who advise the government on setting CO2 emission targets.

Basically we can’t go over 1.5 degrees and even half a degree over this can lead to irreversible impacts such as loss of ecosystems and the extinction of some species. They are working to ensure that this doesn’t happen in order to protect the planet.

I’ve put together a list of some small steps you can take which make a HUGE impact if we all stick to them:

1. RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE - it’s such an easy and important step to take, we have all the means to do this now so we really should be putting the effort in to do so.
2. Visit a charity shop - did you know clothing has the fourth largest environmental impact behind housing, transport and food?! We were all so shocked. Buying second hand clothes reduces this and also… charity shops have some sick bargains!
3. Try cycling or walking to work if possible!
4. Be conscious of energy in your house… lights off when possible, turn plugs off by the switch and buy energy saving light bulbs!
5. Make sure you’re buying food you will definitely eat - don’t waste and freeze things to eat at a later date!

These are just a few things you can do, why don’t you do the WWF Footprint Calculator and find out what your carbon footprint is?

Have a look at some pictures we took of the WWF UK head office below: