All You Need To Know About ABSTRACT 100...


The Abstract 100 Hour Link is officially open!

So What Is It?
You have the opportunity to purchase one of Sophie’s INSANE framed A3 abstracts. The link went live on Sunday 11th November at 4pm UK time. The link is open for 100 hours so you have until Thursday evening to order yours!

Follow the link here and select from a range of 8 colour ways:

There is one more option if you’re feeling really daring… you can choose a SURPRISE ME. Sophie describes them as ‘not fitting with any particular colour scheme but usually her best’. But are you brave enough?!

If you love these colour options but would like a little bit more of a certain colour to match something in your house/room then don’t worry… we got you!!! There’s a notes section so just pop your specifics in there. We also have an option to add gold or silver leaf, you can see an example of gold leaf on Sophie’s coastline abstracts here.

Normally Sophie’s cheapest original is £1,800 so this is a great opportunity to get a Sophie Tea Art piece at a lower price. Remember you have til Thursday 8pm xxx

Thank you for all of your orders so far!

Our love always,
Sophie Tea Art Team