Sophie's First Sydney Solo Show - 'Coastline'

We’d like to introduce you to Sophie’s newest collection ‘Coastline’, showcased at The Nook, Manly, Sydney.

‘Coastline’ 01/10/18

‘Coastline’ 01/10/18


The collection, inspired by Manly’s beautiful beaches, consists of emerald greens, earthy browns, teals and blues.

I was out walking the Manly to Spit bridge walk one sunny afternoon and was really taken back by the vivid colours along the ocean path. Turquoises appear in my work a lot but I’ve never had the urge to place them with golden tones. My Dad once said to me that in nature, any arrangement of colour is beautiful. The real challenge was then to translate that palette onto paper. Being in a completely new studio half way across the world gave me the confidence to try something unfamiliar. So, pretty naturally, out came my Coastline collection; embellished with Gold Leaf, it takes first place for my favourite ever collection.
— Sophie Tea

Before the idea of ‘Coastline’ even came around, Sophie was always sure she was going to have an art show in Sydney displaying her abstracts. She had never done a show in Sydney before and a large percentage of her following is actually from Australia.

The show took place on 1st October and was a real success, in person and on Instagram. For some reason Sophie always panics that no one is going to turn up at her art shows but quite clearly (from experience!) this is never the case.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Sophie has upped her abstract game and has really found her unique style. It’s incredible to see that her following is onboard with the transition from animals, as she says ‘abstract art is where my heart truly lies’.

If you’re still undecided on her transition, keep following the journey anyway… I’m sure you’ll get there!

Lots of love,

Ella xxx

Here are the photos from Coastline, can you spot yourself?!