sophie tea art


SO,  after studying Business and Management at University, in September 2015 I decided to turn down my graduate scheme to pursue an artistic career. A few weeks prior, I was travelling in India and picked up a paint brush for the first time in 4 years. I was trying to get a free hostel stay, so asked if I could paint a mural of a cow - to my surprise and delight, they said YES! Once finished, I was blown away at how happy it made me - and that was it! Ever since that day I have been totally committed to an artistic life; I'm loving every minute and I'm excited to work hard and get better and better. 




2015: COW'S LIFE, The Hosteller - Jaipur, India
2015: THE TREE HOUSE, Stop Hostel - Delhi, India
2015: ELEPHANT RAINBOW, Stop Hostel - Delhi, India
2015: ZEBRA LIFE, Prison Hostel - Goa, India
2015: OCTOPUS PIANO, Private Residence - London, UK
2015: CURIOUS GIRAFFE, SpacePortX Office - Manchester, UK
2015: GIRAFFE PRIDE, Private Residence - London, UK
2015: JELLYFISH, Private Residence - London, UK
2015: TREE OF LIFE, Private Residence - London, UK
2016: MALALA, Hostelling International - New York, USA
2016: PEACOCKING AROUND, Private Residence - Toronto, Canada
2016: RIGOBETA MENCHU, Hostelling International - New York, USA
2016: THE LORD GANESH, Private Residence - London, UK
2016: BENCH LIFE, The NOW Gallery - London, UK